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Plan Safer Events provides resources and trainings to help you plan and facilitate a virtual event. If you choose to meet in person, mitigation advisors can provide resources and feedback to consider when developing a mitigation plan for your in-person event. Please contact us through the form below or by email to request assistance, get feedback on your plan, or to just ask questions about planning a large gathering during the pandemic. There is no charge to Alaskans for this service.

We are excited to help you Plan Safer Events!


[email protected]

Karol Fink, MS, RDN

State of Alaska | State Contact for Gatherings, Sports and Events during COVID-19 | Section Chief, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion | 3601 C St. Suite 722, Anchorage AK 99503 | Call or text 907-310-8721 | *: [email protected] |