Plan Safer Events

This site is designed to help Alaskan event planners, venue owners, and gathering coordinators hold safer events by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Examples of events and gatherings where it would be appropriate to implement these strategies include conferences, meetings, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, weddings, faith-based gatherings, and other types of assemblies.

This website offers the most recent guidance as of June 2022 from medical experts on ways to reduce COVID-19 transmission; as well as coronavirus mitigation plans and tools, templates, trainings, checklists, and links to other resources.

What is a Mitigation Plan?

A mitigation plan outlines the steps one will take before, during, and after an event to reduce the risk of staff, volunteers, and attendees contacting the virus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, event organizers have a lot of decisions to make to plan a safer event:

  • How can the event be organized to mitigate risk to staff, volunteers and attendees?
  • Should the event move forward depending on local case counts?
  • If the event moves forward, what are the local mandates?
  • How should the room be setup?
  • How can refreshments be safely served?
  • How should travel from other places be handled?

A well-conceived mitigation plan should answer these questions and reduce the risk of virus transmission at the event. It isn’t possible to guarantee COVID-19 won’t be spread when people gather in person, but it is possible to plan ahead and reduce the risk.