Plan Safer Events Learning Series Descriptions


Plan Safer Events Learning Series: Virtual Event Training and Mitigation Toolkit Launch

2/01/2021 2:00-3:00pm

The Plan Safer Events (PSE) project, supported by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, has created an online training for those hosting and organizing virtual events. The training highlights best practices research on organizing online events and features Alaskans sharing their real-life experiences and lessons learned while holding virtual events during the pandemic. During this webinar, the Plan Safer Events team will provide a snapshot of key aspects of the training. This webinar will also feature a launch of the Plan Safer Events in-person event mitigation plan series. As Alaska organizations begin to convene again in person, this series is geared for event planners and organizers responsible for developing mitigation plans for their events. The key components of a mitigation plan will be reviewed as a launch to this new series featuring a deeper dive into topics such as considerations when deciding whether to meet in person, venue related safety factors, team training to carry out mitigation protocols, upcoming vaccine protocols and why hybrid events are here to stay.

In-Person Gatherings – an update from CDC on latest guidance

2/22/2021 2:00-3:00pm

As more Alaskans are vaccinated and the spread of the virus is slowed, in-person events and gatherings will start to happen again. During this webinar, the second in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will share the latest guidelines from a federal perspective, with members of the state team available for discussion about the latest COVID-19 vaccine efforts. In addition, mitigation advisors from the Plan Safer Events team will discuss pre-event considerations and risk assessment resources available to anyone looking to hold an in-person gathering. Upon request, mitigation advisors are also available to Alaska organizations by providing free consultation and feedback on mitigation plans.

The evolution of registration check-in protocols for in-person events as a result of the pandemic

3/01/2021 2:00-3:00pm

Once Alaskans begin to hold in-person gatherings and events again, an important aspect of any event will be the registration, check-in, and check-out processes. During this webinar, the third in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, participants will hear from event experts who are using new and innovative ways to register, sign-in, and sign-out their event participants and attendees. Mitigation experts will provide an overview of how pre-event health screenings work, the various tools and technologies that can be used, and how screenings can be implemented at your in-person meeting or event. Speakers will discuss new protocols and procedures, and how technology can help with safely welcoming, screening, and following up with participants. In addition, mitigation advisors from the Plan Safer Events team will share options to more safely plan registration and follow up processes for in-person events and gatherings.

Venue preparation and set-up protocols

3/15/2021 2:00-3:00pm

Due to the pandemic, event planners, attendees, venue owners, and meeting hosts have an entirely new set of rules to follow, especially when it comes to venue set-up and event logistics. During this webinar, the fourth in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, presenters will cover some protocols, procedures, and guidance on event set-up and participant safety. This will include considerations such as event layout, ventilation, social distancing, traffic flow, signage, and communication. CDC guidance on venue set-up and safety will be included in the discussion. Presenters will review current recommendations related to set-up and event protocols for large gatherings. This webinar will help event planners and organizers understand important precautions related to set-up, planning around participant safety, and mitigating risk during their event.

Preparing the team – onboarding staff, volunteers, contractors, and attendees in implementing mitigation plans

4/05/2021 2:00-3:00pm

When implementing a mitigation plan, it is important to have a solid team to support the goals of an event. During this webinar, the fifth in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, presenters will highlight some of the best practices that event planners and organizers can follow to prepare their team to focus on participant, employee, and volunteer safety. This will include topics like communication protocols, pre-event trainings, sanitation schedules, roles and responsibilities and how to prepare team members for any difficult conversations if issues arise during the event. This webinar will help event planners and organizers prepare their team for in-person gatherings and events.

Responding to a positive case, vaccines and legal issues

4/19/2021 2:00-3:00pm

This webinar will focus on the importance of planning ahead to appropriately respond to a positive case of coronavirus during an in-person event or gathering. Presenters will discuss how to have a system for contact tracing and attendee notifications. This webinar, the sixth in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, will highlight some of the procedures that event planners and organizers can follow to professionally respond when learning of a COVID-positive attendee, and the planning steps that can help mitigate the impact on the meeting, event, or large gathering. This will include real-time communication protocols, developing strategies pre-event, and the roles and responsibilities of team members. Learn about how to identify and implement a set of guidelines ahead of time so that teams are prepared and ready to respond appropriately to a positive coronavirus case.

The power of good communications and the success of a mitigation plan

05/17/2021 2:00-3:00pm

When coordinating an in-person event, effective communications about mitigation requirements can be critical to a successful mitigation plan. Additionally, having solid communication protocols between organizers, venue owners, and attendees is a vital function during the event. This webinar, the seventh in the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, will discuss the importance of communication planning for in-person events and gatherings during the time of COVID-19. This will include pre-event communications, real-time, and follow-up communication protocols for leadership and staff, strategies for physical signage to communicate with attendees, and how to use technology to maximize communication capabilities at your event. Join this webinar to learn how to assure event communications are direct, clear, and effective.

Adding a hybrid component to your event or gathering

6/07/2021 2:00-3:00pm

The COVID-19 pandemic required many gatherings and events to go virtual, which meant that planners and organizers had to adjust to new technologies, new realities, and new audiences for their events. Now that gatherings are being held in-person and people are beginning to meet again, some event planners and venue organizers are discovering that the virtual component of their event is something they want to hold on to. Adding a hybrid component to an event has many advantages, and during this webinar planning experts will discuss best practices for engaging both in-person and remote attendees during hybrid meetings and events. The webinar, which will be the ninth of the Plan Safer Events Learning Series, will feature a presentation from Jason Champion of Winspire, a nationally recognized firm specializing in virtual and hybrid event coordination. Register and hear more about how hybrid events are being successfully conducted even as we continue to meet in-person.

Legal Issues Around Liability, Vaccines, and Mitigation Planning

7/19/2021 2:00-3:00pm

During this ECHO Webinar Series for those coordinating large events and gatherings, we will hear from attorney Holly Wells, a legal expert from Birch, Horton, Bittner, and Cherot. Holly will share her insights on liability waivers, robust mitigation planning, and requiring, asking for, and documenting vaccines as a part of your event.

CDC Guidance on Large Gatherings & Events

7/19/2021 2:00-3:00pm

This Plan Safer Events learning session will feature Senior Epidemiologist Dr. Greta Massetti from the CDC who will speak about CDC guidance on events and gatherings and how planners may be affected by rising case counts and recent changes to mask and vaccine guidance. There will also be mitigation advisors from the Plan Safer Events team who will discuss pre-event and risk assessment resources available to anyone considering an in-person gathering or event.

Pre-event Screening: Vaccination Status and Testing

9/20/2021 2:00-3:00pm

What pre-event screening measures can event organizers take before an event or gathering to limit the spread of COVID-19? Join the Plan Safer Events Learning Series session to learn more about the various pre-screening options that other Alaska events are using, specifically pre-testing and vaccine requirements. At this session, participants will hear from other Alaska event organizers who have required vaccine status or negative COVID-19 test results as a condition for attending their event, lessons learned and how Alaskan event organizers can access resources to learn more.

Special Workshop –Difficult Conversations About In-Person Gatherings During the Holidays

11/15/2021 2:00-3:00pm

Experts say the best way to tackle difficult issues like COVID-19 safety measures, in-person gatherings, and vaccine hesitancy is for people to have conversations with those they trust, whether a doctor, pastor, family member, or friend. Many people, even experts on the frontlines, are faced with challenges when attempting to navigate these difficult conversations effectively. Views on COVID-19, masks, and vaccines often center more on anxieties than facts, and often discussions around these issues can be messy and emotional. As we approach the holidays, the stakes can be especially high: the decisions we make and the boundaries we hold can have profound effects on the lives of our loved ones.    This workshop, presented by the Alaska Humanities Forum, will offer skills and concrete tools for depolarizing conversations about COVID-19, vaccines, and safety measures with family members and friends as we approach the holiday season. The workshop is designed to meet people wherever they are, including those who are themselves wary of COVID-19 safety measures or who are vaccine-hesitant. The workshop will cover: Why we’re hardwired for conflict The difference between destructive and constructive cycles of conflict How and why to redefine your goals for the conversation Sample questions for better conversations.